Reminiscent of an out of Africa experience, a stay at Serengeti acacia luxury camp is one that will remain etched in memory

How would you like to stay right in the heart of all the action in one of the most iconic wildlife sanctuaries in the world? Serengeti Acacia Camps is centrally located in the Serengeti – a hunter’s Valhalla, a photographer’s paradise, a traveler’s dream destination and the home of the Seventh Natural Wonder of the World. The Serengeti, a traveler’s mecca, is where all gather to witness the wild come to life.  Here you can catch the Great Migration traverse through the vast plains of the Serengeti. Serengeti Acacia Camps offer 2 camps that would suit every travel purpose. Each camp features first-grade amenities that promises an unparalleled African experience. We also offer a myriad of activities and are affiliated with top leading operators in the industry. Guest will be treated to a wonderful exciting time experiencing the Truly, a stay with us is like nothing else in the world.

When you think of going on safari in Tanzania, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Serengeti Great Wildebeest Migration. Words just can not do justice to the majesty of this tremendous scene. I hope you enjoy your Tanzanian journey as much as I always do.

Peter Robert

Our Activities

Prepare yourself for an unrivaled sense of adventure… We offer abundant opportunities to observe and get close to wildlife in the most scenic place on Earth, to revel in the wonders of the wild that can only be experienced here and to experience Africa beyond your wildest dreams… 


Enjoy the serene tranquility of your surroundings as you satisfy your gastronomic fix. Be one with nature, with your family and friends in this exotic banquet..


We can set-up a romantic bush dining for you and your loved-one. We can set-up for the whole family too! Enjoy your freshly prepared meal with a..


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