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Safari Game Viewing

The Serengeti is the most astonishing wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania and one of the best in the world. Home to the Seventh Natural Wonder of the World and Earth’s greatest show, it is impossible not to encounter an exciting game in almost every corner of this park. It features an overwhelming number and diversity of wildlife and birdlife –not to mention the picturesque African scenery it provides. To miss out on an ultimate safari game viewing experience in Serengeti is a sacrilege.

Fully Customized Vehicles

Each vehicle is fully customized to guarantee optimum game viewing experience and exemplary photographing opportunities. Every passenger gets a window seat with large legroom and ample luggage space. Regularly maintained, each vehicle also comes with first-aid kits, power supply, spare tires and necessary emergency equipment.

Exciting Activities

Experience real Africa in and beyond the iconic Serengeti with our string of exciting activities that would complete an unforgettable adventure — from picnics in the midst of the wild to bonfires under a starry night to hanging out with the local Maasai tribe to catching the spectacular Great Migration event in an air-balloon safari!

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