Imagine being where there is a strong promise of game while being able to maintain luxury and style. Everything is within your each – adventure and wildlife, comfort and class.

Acacia Central Camp Gallery

Acacia Migration Camp Gallery

Acacia Seronera Camp Gallery

Our camps are located in Serengeti you will have much to see around you from visually striking views, the wildlife, and even the sunrise and sunsets. All of our camps feature first-grade amenities so even in the middle of a safari adventure you will get to come back home to a relaxing environment. We understand the need to be able to unwind and relax after having an adventurous day which is why we ensure that the camps are able to cater to your needs. Who knew camping could actually be quite classy.

The Acacia Central Camp brings you to the heart of Serengeti. The area features vast plains and hills for the eyes to see as well as diverse wild game. As shown in the photo gallery we have several canvas tents for guests to call home during their stay. All equipped with the essential amenities to ensure your stay with us is comfortable. We also have a separate tent for the dining area, lounge and bar for the guests to use and enjoy. The Serengeti Acacia Central Camp truly knows how to showcase Serengeti’s charm and elegance.

The Acacia Migration Camp is located in the Kogatende area of Serengeti. And from the name of the camp itself this is where you want to be if you want to catch The Great Migration action. This way you won’t have to give up enjoying luxurious amenities while getting to witness the migration. As the photo gallery shows you this camp also features canvas tents ready to be called your temporary home during your stay all equipped with essentials. A separate tent is used for the dining area, lounge and bar for guests to enjoy. Never miss out on The Great Migration action when you stay here in the Serengeti Acacia Migration Camp.

Staying at The Acacia Seronera Luxury Camp will offer you access to unspoiled and picturesque views of the Serengeti plains. You will get to witness the Big Five roaming around as well as other wildlife who call this part of the Serengeti home. The Great Migration also passes through here twice a year so you are never too far from the action. The camp offers luxurious rooms and facilities made available to its guests as the photo gallery shows. All complete with essential amenities to ensure you have the best luxury camping experience with us. The camp is also equipped with a restaurant, lounge and bar for the guest enjoyment. Enjoy luxury in the middle of the wild only with the Serengeti Acacia Seronera Luxury Camp.  



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