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Serengeti Acacia Migration Camp facade. Great Migration Accommodation Permanent Versus Mobile Tented Camps. Serengeti Acacia Camps

Great Migration Accommodation: Permanent Versus Mobile Tented Camps

Africa is renowned for its many wondrous offerings, including jaw-dropping landscapes, diverse opportunities, unique cultural history and abundance of wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, one significant wildlife event that occurs exclusively in Africa is the world-famous Great Migration. Every year, over two million wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelles, and zebras migrate from the... Continue reading

Lodge, Tent, Tented Camp: Your African Safari Accommodation 101

One of the highlights of going to Serengeti is the impressive plethora of accommodation styles. From camping tents to luxurious lodges to brochure-worthy tented camps, Serengeti has proved to support some of the world’s most amazing accommodation facilities. But, with so many terms — lodge, tent, tented camps, how do... Continue reading

How Glamping Takes on a Different Level in the Serengeti

The Serengeti National Park is the quintessential safari destination of East Africa. It is best known for unrivaled sightings of the “big five” as well as being one of only two locations on the planet that hosts the massive wildebeest migration taking place each year. It’s one of the continent’s... Continue reading

The Truth About Authentic African Luxury Experience

You’ve dreamed of traveling to Africa on a luxury vacation, to see scenic views that can be seen in no other continent. From the hot desert and breeze-blown grasslands all the way to small villages where the natives honor their culture without outside influence from western principles. In Africa, luxury... Continue reading

Luxury Camping in Serengeti, What Is It Like?

Luxury Camping in Serengeti, What Is It Like? It is a worldwide known fact that Serengeti is an idyllic safari destination; one that each person must visit in his lifetime. Thanks to its wide-open plains that are inhabited by stupendous wildlife and its elegantly rugged scenery that just seems unreal,... Continue reading


An African safari in the highly-acclaimed Serengeti is a surreal travel experience for everyone — solo backpackers, couples, families, friends. For families, especially those with kids in tow, it is important to make sure that everything is child-friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone. It is, after all, a family... Continue reading