Travel Operators

Partner Rates & Information

This page is exclusively for Travel Operators who wish to partner with Serengeti Acacia Camps, a traveler’s sanctuary right in the heart of the Serengeti. Whether the goal is to stay in comfortable tented camps where wildlife is just an arm’s reach away, to experience luxury in the wild or even to follow the movement of the Great Migration, Serengeti Acacia Camps is prepared to meet and exceed those #travelgoals. We also pride ourselves in delivering proactive world-class service and topnotch facilities to guests on either Central or Migration camps. As a result, Serengeti Acacia Camps have continually been receiving excellent reviews from guests all over the world.

Explore more about us using our Fact Sheets, 2018 STO Rates and Gallery below, or you can always contact us for more details and questions. Looking forward for our partnership!